53 Poems

"Best-By Yesterday"
A poem for a procrastinator.
"On The Train To Andromeda"
A poem for when life seems off-track.
"Sometimes, Always, Never"
A poem on what's meant to be.
"From Here To Obscurity"
A poem for a starving artist.
"A Viking's Lament"
A poem for a marauder.
"Knowing You, Knowing Me"
A poem on attention.
"Qui est l'étranger?"
"Who is the stranger?" - A poem for my shadow self.
"scenic route"
A poem for what comes after.
"Yee Yee Elegy"
A poem for bodily autonomy.
"requiem for a hoser"
A poem on mediocrity.
"The Latticed Confessional"
A poem for a sinner.
"beat to quarters"
A poem on stagnating.
A poem on endurance.
"glimpses of grace"
A poem for a way forward.
"il divin ciglio"
"the divine eyelash" - A poem for a devotee.
"dancing on a needle's point"
A poem on farewell.
"Lady Liberty"
A poem on duty.
"u-turn 2 nirvana"
A poem on passing through.
A poem on natural order.
"Spiritual Paracetamol"
A poem on surrender.
"turquoise tears"
A poem on impermanence.
"Kinda, Sorta, Maybe"
A poem on the honeymoon phase.
"Smoking Darts & Breaking Hearts"
A poem for a fling.
"hello, goodbye"
A poem on social anxiety.
A poem on breaking down.
A poem on cosmic guardians.
"Mistah Mediocrity!"
A poem on fame.
A poem for a final go-around.
A poem on apathy.
"s o n d e r"
A poem on universality.
"Navel Gazing"
A poem on self-loathing.
"s a u d a d e"
A poem on nostalgia.
"overmedicated + underappreciated"
A poem on opiates.
"Digitize Me"
A poem on anonymity.
"nostalgia, LIMITED."
A poem on reconnecting.
"I Really Don't Care, Do U?"
A poem on generational ennui.
"Only Way Down"
A poem on a jump.
A poem on sublimation.
"Je Veux"
"I Want" - A poem on desire.
"Love Lost In Thought"
A poem on seeking.
"dirge 4 the drunkard"
A poem on introversion.
"Adieu, Mon Dieu"
"Farewell, My God" - A poem on abandonment.
"Parlor Room Poseidon"
A poem for a friend gone too soon.
"Not So Round Table"
A poem on inspiration.
"comfortably dumb"
A poem on character.
"When You're Feeling Blue"
A poem for a depressive funk.
A poem celebrating life.
"Queso Casanova"
A poem on appreciation.
"Mousa Ephemera"
"Temporary Muse" - A poem on betrayal.
"Galileo's Lament"
A poem on censorship.
"Le Dauphin"
"The Prince" - A poem on naivete.
"Ghost Of Serotonin Past"
A poem on escapism.
"emotionally ashy"
A poem on ego-death.
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