Mellifluously, you sing my soul’s passing hymn
Bear me home, honey; it's time to join the sky
Dizzily perched on existence's outmost limb
Enraptured by the void, out slips a soft sigh
From atop the head of a pin
Singeing my ethereal wings, how can I fly
Whilst you weep grievously for imagined sin
Those tears, my final rain, our Hollywood goodbye

We gave it a go, happiness’s hot pursuit
God knows I wish like hell, I was better too
Cursed to be luck’s most wretched substitute
Trampled beneath the wheels of endless déjà vu
I am helplessly rendered mute
My heart split in two, so achingly see-through
Though granted freedom by your words dissolute
What's important is that our love was, not who
First knew forever's elixir would dilute

The hymn falls mute, memory slipping from life
Your tears, my final rain, our Hollywood goodbye

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