You listen though I have nothing to say
No way to fill the vacuum of your attention
My prose imprecise & staccato like rain delay
Stray moments of grace buried under waves
Of my thoroughly undeserved ascension
All remnants of humility set ablaze
Clutches of roses stuffed into soft bouquets
Lone commoner awaiting dishonorable mention
Zero chance to emerge unscathed amongst the fray
Past, present, future self slain in carnal melee
Indulgent reflection serving to strengthen
The shoots of arrogance which remain
Memento Mori, I mutely proclaim
A final protest against fame's convention
Myopically rehashing mistakes for last refrain
Oh goddamn shame, loving a man flawed as Cain
Never better with time, I'm the rule's exception
Dry your eyes to learn from my imperfection
Take the glory, baby; leave me the blame

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