Arms outstretched to the horizon
where the sun kisses the sky goodbye
bathed in vivid tinges of tangerine
Giving way for pink blushes to bloom
as scarlet rays dapple the indigo canvas
I find myself transported by a power unseen
passing through the realm of light & shadow
I come to rest upon a generous cloud
who shepherds us across vistas endless
There's no hill too distant, no canyon too remote
whose beauty goes unrevealed by my host’s good grace
Sunlight’s final gasps linger indulgently
allowing time for one last gilded silhouette
While the desert dusk shyly announces herself
I’m returned to the overlook with loving care
by something I can’t explain
who pitied a wistful wanderer
& gifted me the finest story alive

First published in Wayfarer as part of a four-poem suite inspired by & composed at Big Bend National Park
photo by Rowdy Winters

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