For this life
Plus all the rest
Chase your destiny
To ineffable happiness
Or heartbreak and despair
Each febrile fiber an invitation
A trillion trillion strands of passion
Splicing a millionfold braids of rapture
Infinitely wed by love’s now shattered loom
Dashed to death upon the rocks of Good Hope
Will you be inconsolable for thirteen dozen fortnights
Should I press myself to forget or appreciate each and every
Wondrous second spent loving you, the rest wasted upon
Regretted repartees & saccharine murmurs of nothing
May we cherish what was not what could have been
Eternity skulking away with time over-borrowed
Bargaining my yesterdays for your tomorrows
Given nothing more than a good goddamn
Til we reunite in the realm beyond man
Be it Atlantis, Camelot or Timbuktu
In the loneliest of our lifetimes
And any else lived through
My heart belongs to you

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