Malign machinations murmur
Begging me, open a vein
Hurl myself off Terra Firma
Blot my soul with the foul stain
No heed paid to their fervor
Here I am, here I remain
Creation’s servant, I nurture
Blossoms which sprout in rain
Witnessing it all as the observer
Pariah of depression's reign
Quietly, its usurper
Here I am, here I remain

The humble shepherd, a herder
Whose flock roams the fertile plain
Grazing upon sweet stalks of pleasure
Wonders untold do they contain
Thirst long sated for treasure
Here I am, here I remain

Like a glacier uncalved
Awaiting the split in twain
Overdue to meet my maker
Knowing we’ll do it again
From ecstasy to nadir
Here I am, here I remain

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