I've caught empathy deficit disorder
Perpetually numb to horrors of
Every winter warmer
Babies in cages on the border
Mostly the best humanity has to offer
Save a million Middle Easterners slaughtered
Rattling death march of law & order
Growing scarcity of clean water
No which way forward
When the
1% need not pay tax
Middle class is near collapse
Blogs 4 Mommy spread anti-vax
Oops, we abandoned a generation in Iraq
Can't pull up as I sold my bootstraps
Democracy killed by Super-Pacs
Boomers alternative facts
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
Or better yet
Back the blue, not the black
Thank gosh racism is dead because
Fire hoses or dogs aren't used to attack
Never mind the reality of voter suppression
Bureaucracy stifles those of darker complexion
Small government means enriching your friends
Good people work three jobs to still miss rent
Trickle-down shall work if we play pretend
Owning libs as piss rains down instead
Laws for thee, nay none for me
Surprise, the bourgeoisie
Emerge scot-free
Fuck your faux
Patriotic dreaming
Civil rights repealing
Shrieking over kneeling
Impenetrable glass ceiling
Migrant worker demeaning
Offshore tax haven concealing
Wall Street greediness unyielding
Utterly reprehensible ethos of being
It’s not all bad
1984 proving to be a prophecy
Xenophobic foreign policies
Genociding of honey bees
Thinly veiled theocracies
Swiftly rising sea levels
CEO's who embezzle
White supremacists
Kinks incestuous
Dead bedrooms
OnlyFans debuts
Smooth-brained kids
Pullout & pray channeling
Christ's blessed method
Since we proselytize
Youth disaffected
Wage stagnation
Mindless deforestation
Porno depressed sensations
Neglected vets turn vagabonds
Barren grows the Amazon
Soft smiles only mami
Your camera’s on
Don't forget
For-profit prisons
Cruise ship emissions
Disparate wealth divisions
Rigged Ivy League admissions
Fluorocarbons destroying ozone layers
Bullet holes for thoughts & prayers
Take your dad’s gun to school day
Gig-economy ensuring low pay
75% will become overweight
No Chick-Fil-A Sundays
Beachfront property on the Arctic Shelf
Who hates them for being themselves
Old men controlling their wombs
Constant pressure to consume
Whose gender you assume
Meemaw sacrificed to corona
Asbestos induced Mesothelioma
Six figures get you worthless diplomas
Overdue for some explosions at Yellowstone
Swipe right
We can't die alone

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