How do three words change lives
When will beauty surrender to comfort
Does time stand transfixed in throes of lust
A homely soul can love as intensely as lore dictates
The most striking maiden can see her amour unrequited
Letting yourself be loved borders on foolhardy
Yet loving someone is courageous
How am I supposed to love
Without mustering the fortitude to love myself
How can I reveal my flaws, shortcomings and fears to her
When I possess no strength to conquer them
Do I love her
Or the idea of her loving me
Is love constantly craving time with her
Or delighting in every moment you pass in her company
Can I allow for compassion to quench my soul's thirst
Why bastardize it to a farce of its pure incarnation
Love is a boon given once freed from ego
I fear I have gone and lost
Love that never was

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