Tis a pity my eyes can't see
I am me, a beautiful thing to be
Live presently, speak truly, & surely
We’ll meet anon in the land of solitary
Unearthing the rise of division involuntary
My neighbor, mistaken for the adversary
No thought given to love or divinity
The silly flea hopping so selfishly
Adrift in cosmic menagerie
Ignorant of solidarity
Blinded to nirvana’s reality
Posing as an enlightened parody
Such absurdity, naivety, & temerity
To lie to me, myself, & I with regularity
Like we're wandering the desert of mendacity
With honesty being the utmost of rarities
Yet dally in the canyons of your heart
Where sweet waters may flow free
Your playmates ne'er to part
Assuredly be your destiny

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