shooting up with a potion of drake’s leftover emotions 
numbing my pain in some novocain & frank ocean
barbiturates promise me fame, glory, and fortunes
yet the fear of failure disperses the hazy notions
forget my struggles, simply heed the warning
no oscar given living eternally conforming
adulthood ain't meant to scar nor abuse
life isn't simpler dazed and confused
fake a smile do whatever whenever wherever for whomever
wish i could tell y'all more, but truly i'm not that clever
needing to feel nothing again, it'd been a little while
perpetually pop percs as they're going out of style
can't promise you much, just that it'll get better
trade it all in for the bare placebo of pleasure
carefree as responsibility looms ominously
oxys a crutch underestimate its potency
only god can save me; death's conclusion is long foregone
blacking out by dusk no longer thriving with the dawn
day drunk damn near daily watching my liver shrivel
mutated in my mind, quirks transform to quibbles
hating how pictures reveal the corpulent wretch
love becomes lust corrupting me into a lech
wandering thoughts trapped in my maze
abusing benzos forever & a daze

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