Trading ambrosial ichor for liquor, he sins
His existence no testament to divine providence
Unseen in seedy shadows & camera obscuras' crevices
Eschewing morality, he forsakes Heaven's indelible paradise
Penitent wails fail to pierce the unholy veil upon his soul
Awash in transitory carnal delights of the baser realm
Forever seeking respite in recesses of recidivism
Disdained the Holy Father to slake his thirst in gin
Blasphemy fomented by cirrhosis, his lone companion
Praying perfunctorily to a deaf God in slurred monotony
Callous was the Lord for allowing His Son's fall from grace
Pining for salvation in the stupor of a drink too many
Weary of fever dreams & sporadic fits of slumber
Brokers a beggar’s bargain with His Savior
To reclaim his bilious, besotted body
Accursed to repeat the cycle in perpetuity
The tapestry of celestial grace woven impotent
Doomed to know but the tiniest sliver of His Bliss
Wasted upon the meager, tattered canvas of his heart
Threadbare with envy & lurid fantasies of dying
Billions of stars can't fix its dog-eared edges
A Crusader in name alone
Buried in the morass of anonymity
Ill-gotten glory gained guillotining Philistines
No pious resonance emanates from his piteous being
Sandbags his shallow grave meticulously with malevolence
Wheels of time run roughshod over his bloated carcass
Comets of contrition streaking across the horizon
Silver pearls adorning bloody amber swathes
Capriciously, the cosmos beckons to him
Tumbling into the void, he whispers
Adieu, Mon Dieu

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