Again & again, you find yourself
hopelessly ensorcelled by the seductive
allure of the scrolling dopamine machine.
Existence begs for your fingers
to guide the supple brush of creation.
Why define your day by the whims of others
seeking to distract you, to steer you astray from
nirvana, the void between thoughts & yourself?
Gaze upon your core & see what delights
have hibernated for millions of lives.
Egoistic vessels of id are we all.
Senpai, did you notice me?
Do you like the things I acquire,
the media I consume, & the places I go
to impress the people I don’t know that well?
Because those I know all too well are much too busy
living their best lives to spare me a thought.
Was I more interesting,
I’d rouse them from their reverie
of conformism.
My insecurities, projected on those I envy
& others that I fancy myself as superior to for
no reason besides awakening rife with unwarranted
arrogance & the perpetual hint of narcissism masked
with too-gracious-by-half pithy self-deprecation.

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