Habibti, please
Why can’t you see
I wanna abolish enmity
I wanna legislate clemency
I wanna canonize Seal Meat Pete
I wanna move someplace pretty neat
I wanna greenlight spaceflights on MTV
I wanna give the people's elbow to wrestling
I wanna hear Cleopatra beguiling Marc Antony
I wanna trip mescaline while boxing Apollo Creed
I wanna plagiarize Wikipedia for your autobiography
I wanna save Atlas from his eternal burden, ala Hercules
I wanna smoke spliffs as Socrates mocks high philosophies
I wanna ghostride the whip in my buddy's Honda Odyssey
I wanna kick-flip off the Hoover Dam 2 be rad 4 infinity
I wanna hibernate forever, but I'm really rather fidgety
I wanna graffiti Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man
I wanna trade Ray-Ban’s for dark web contraband
I wanna pout as Chef Ramsey pillories my flan
I wanna cyberbully myself to build the brand
I wanna defy these sleep-paralysis dreams
I wanna learn healthier dependencies
I wanna seek depth in Ketamine
I wanna reboot my chemistry
I wanna watch lovers leave
I wanna cherish ecstasy
I wanna try to be
everyone else
save for

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