Emotionally available only in sleep
Our souls most harmonious as we dream
Alas, I’m not him, whom she needed me to be
Don’t cry for me, Argentina; you're not that naive
Heard it once to repeat back sight unseen
Does that mean I'm a robot
Or sentient, for I know that I know not
Fashioning illusory intellectual depth
Speaking in nonsensical riddles
I’ll break the trail for us
Khanabadosh of body and mind
My whole home rests upon my shoulders
Some deem me vagabond; others recognize the
Deep-seated wanderlust from innumerable lives ago
On another planet, a billion years in the future
Do you recall hitchhiking across the cosmos
In another dimension of consciousness
Time has no meaning, but here, then it's gone
In a galaxy far removed from the universe's throne
Shipped off to the distant reaches of infinity
Go now and be one with all
Dance as the Big Bang repeats itself
The celestial intercom's clarion call shall blare
Return to us and receive our merciful care
You can't reason the way into salvation
Today's lapsed a trillion times before
Vanish into the roar of forever

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