Creation is love's confection
Brewed in cauldrons inexhaustible
Under cosmic intelligence’s watchful eye
The Big Bang was no accident
Light spurned the void
Overjoyed, the Universe grew boundless
Matter soared through time and space
Possibility infinite now surrounds us
Yet, some say existence is pain
And we’re destined for nothing but suffering
It's Hell on Earth till we're six feet under
Well, why bother with life's charade
If Heaven everlasting awaits
Do 73 years here win grace eternal
And untold angelic blessings thereafter
From the hallowed kingdom of spirits supernal
How can one zealously preach life’s sanctity
Whilst fantasizing about the Rapture
Your earthly bonds emancipated
Perdition for thine enemies
If your dogma calls for Holy Armageddon
To deliver a prophecy, macabre and dire
Perhaps it isn't born out of kindness
Our Creator requires no hellfire
To catalyze their resurrection
For they shall free everyone from their chains
Parting illusion’s veil from eyes unseeing
Delivering us from our mirage
So there's no need to fret
We're all strands in the fabric of love
You, me, them, us, will eventually coalesce
Into beings of light & ascend above

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