Life ticks away, slipping through my hands like endless sand in the cosmic hourglass.
How can I ride unscathed with time’s passage & avoid its ponderous wheels flattening me?
What do I see? What am I thinking? Who puts my thoughts there? I can’t shout at them to disappear, as they don’t serve me. They spring up unannounced & uninvited.
What is my purpose in life?
Am I an unthinking marionette pirouetting for unending seasons? Am I meant to be more than a puppet on a string?
Unaware that I am unaware.
Turn back or abandon all hope, ye who dares enter. My vision, cloaked in nothingness by the ever-expanding circle of darkness. Where can I awaken to the Universal Sound?
I stumbled back into the well in which I was born.
Teach me to scale its heights towards the blessed light. Empower me to carry upon my back the friends who wish to make the same climb. Grant me the vision, conviction, strength, to not falter nor waver nor tumble back into Maya.​​​​​​​
Shine your light into my heart, the imperfect vessel that I am, I may still be a beacon for good.
Let not my sins blot the map to salvation for my companions on life’s journey. Spare them the blushes of my inadequacies.
Allow me to act as a conduit for your love.
I seek not to possess nor obsess nor monopolize nor terrorize nor radicalize. I seek to internalize, harmonize, proselytize, thine boundless bounty of affection & adoration.
Cleanse my mind of its negative recursivity so it may focus on your smiling visage. Uplift me from the nights of bondage to unconsciousness. Teach me gratitude & non-attachment.
Teach me to love myself as the sun also rises. Teach me to acknowledge the divinity in every soul. Teach me to play with others as I do with you in my heart’s expansive halls.
The peals of your laughter echo around every corner as I chase after you. I want only to sit for a moment in your presence & feel the unmistakable vibration of love.
So, I can return to that moment for a lifetime of comfort, hope, & inspiration. So I may speak not as a false prophet but with the unshakeable truth of pure existence.
I want to disengage from the petty tyrants & egoic entanglements of daily life.
Help me realize the absurdity of the game we’re playing.
We know the rules by heart, but we’ve chosen to forget them. Pretending to have legitimate agency within the confines of illusion. In reality, we are powerless & bound by it.
Do I wish to shatter this illusion?
What awaits me on that other side? Truth? Enlightenment? Happiness? Divinity?
What is there to wake up to if this isn’t a dream? How is it possible to think my way out of the corner I’m painted into by my thoughts?
If they fade, will I lose sentience or awaken for the first time?

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