So it happened. Okay...what now?
Acknowledge the reality of the event.
Acknowledge your feelings from the event as valid.
Yet, let us examine them. We were not placed upon this Earth to serve as some bitter record-keeper of grudges.
The anxiety, resentment, anger, and envy we unconsciously carry around in our hearts serves only to poison us.
So how can we begin to heal?
Forgive yourself for reacting from a place of unconscious unthinking. Forgive the person who inflicted it upon you.
Give the event a Viking funeral in your mind.
Send it on its merry way down the Ganges of your subconscious and set it alight to burn itself to ashes and dissolve into the nothingness it always was.
These events can only take the form, shape, importance, and permanence we impart upon them.
They look to us for meaning and once defined, they revolt like Spartacus and put our well-being to the torch.
You have the ability to make these things Godzilla-like in their appearances. With equal ease you can consign them to the blissful void of non-existence from whence they emerged.
If you feel aggrieved then you are looking for retribution, for a comeuppance, for a settling of scores.
Your center of being is pushed off-balance.
Back turned on gratitude, bliss, and love.
I say unto you, why?
This impassioned mental crusade of yours could take weeks, months, years, decades, lifetimes to fulfill.
Once completed where does it bring you?
Back to the status quo of the past before you experienced that specific hurt. This is not growth but regression!
You have simply succeeded in transporting your id to a moment when the Universe wished to spark some evolution in your character and soul.
Now you have undone the catalyst and obscured your path forward. What is it now if you no longer have spite?
You will feel aimless, empty, defeated, unhappy.
You haven't been appointed as the one who restores celestial balance. Or rather, you won't succeed in restoring balance while fueled by the fumes of vengeance and vindication.
To help the universe you must first help yourself.
Physician heal thyself!
You are seeking to enact retribution; perhaps not motivated purely by anger but a misguided sense of superiority.
I will show them what it feels like. They shall see the errors of their ways and live a proper, decent life like me.
You cannot reason people out of a position they have not reasoned themselves into. Just like you, they are acting and reacting unconsciously 99% of the time.
Your crusade will fail if relying on their unexercised awareness.
If they were conscious, you wouldn't have been acted upon in the first place right?
We are all lashing out and flailing about as we scurry from one disaster of our own making to another.
So how would setting off a fire at one of the oil derricks of their heart make them any more aware?
It is nothing they have not seen before.
Likely it will but push them further into non-awareness.
Have you succeeded in extinguishing the wildfire raging in your soul by adding kerosene and tinder to theirs?
But you are both now successfully further enmeshed in the egoic unreality of the illusory realm.
That’s what revenge is about.
Convincing yourself your infinite soul and essential nature is in any way different to theirs.
Thus, it is perfectly fair to teach them a lesson or two so they know better next time. Know what exactly?
That you’re every bit as lost and entangled as they are?
This continual insistence of our own importance is what makes it so hard to turn the other cheek and let go.
Your ego demands retribution.
It fears a refusal will weaken the hold it has upon you.
So you must defend your identity, your false sense of self, against every encroachment, infraction, aggrievement, annoyance, vendetta, snub, snark, ghost, criticism.
But I ask you. Why?
Do their words or their actions fundamentally change you?
The truest version of you?
They could assail your soul for a trillion years and never once change or alter your eternal self in any way.
Which means your crusade for revenge will ultimately be just as fruitless and ill-advised.
You know now your actions will not fundamentally change them. They may only harden their shell of unconsciousness.
You have delayed the awakening of their awareness when you meet their unconsciousness with your own.
Forgiveness is an inherently divine quality.
It is always within our grasp. The supply is inexhaustible.
Perhaps you do not wish to forgive them or their actions.
Forgive yourself of the guilt and self-loathing you felt festering in the dark recesses of your heart.
Forgive yourself for blaming yourself for their actions and their unthinking unconsciousness.
Forgive yourself for wishing to appoint yourself as the long hand of the law. If you wish to truly change them and their behavior then first you must change yourself.
You must serve as the model of balance, control, and awareness so their souls can see your flame shining and subconsciously emulate it.
This is not a decision made by the rational mind. Our everyday minds are overrun with ego and self-importance.
The teachings of eternal union are processed, distorted, ignored, and discarded by those filters.
This delusion of self-importance fuels revenge.
That it is your place to restore balance to the cosmos.
Oh my heaven and stars darling.
We had a rough few billion years go of it before you sauntered on up to the scene.
Thank goodness you’re here now to set us straight.
The Universe isn’t the one who is imbalanced.
When you are imbalanced, your perspective is skewed, flawed, reactive, and dismissive.
Imagine yourself on the upright section of the Titanic as she sinks beneath the frigid, Arctic waves.
It is not the ship who is sinking surely, it must be all those other hysterical lunatics who are off-kilter.
When you practice forgiveness over and over again you are continually coming home to yourself.
You ask now, who am I to declare anyone to be forgiven?
Does that not confer ego too?
Now you are seeing and wondering who is it exactly I am forgiving? How are they so different from me that I must bequeath my forgiveness upon their unworthy brows?
Precisely. They aren’t.
They are as valid and flawed as you.
Forgiveness teaches you non-attachment.
Non-attachment to the words and actions of others.
Non-attachment to your own words, thoughts, actions, and desires when you realize they are motivated by the same irrational, unconscious mind as everyone else's.
Now you begin to practice non-attachment to your egoic self, your sense of “I”.
You realize you are only differentiated from other souls by the illusions of conflict brought about by the ego.
The ego is the one whispering fanciful tales of revenge and retribution to you.
Forgiveness is anathema to the ego because it provides the gateway to separation and eventual dissolution.
When you forgive, you reach into the cosmic forge of unity and replenish your soul with the boundless bellows of love.
In this life there is only one thing to do.
Forgive everyone everything.

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